Instagram famous


India love ( Is a beautiful young woman who’s well known to the instagram world and is the youngest sibling of the Westbrooks. She has over 400k followers and counting, which to me, is pretty darn popular.
Her looks can get her anything she wants at such a young age. Sad to say but in today’s society, looks are a plus. Looks could land jobs such as modeling , promoting, advertisement and more. Anything you want you get. Gheesh I wish I had it that easy. Some women use their physical appearance to get what they want out of life. While others spend their whole life working hard for it. I believe she works hard, just not as hard as the less fortunate. When your rich, young and beautiful, everything you could dream of will be handed to you. Its up to you if you want to accept it or work for it . Looks could only get you so far in life, so having knowledge and being independent is a plus.
Every girl wants the pretty face and the hot body. People who define beauty by appearance only are clueless of the real meaning. How many people believe that social media could change a person’s personality? Can being instagram famous have an effect on one’s personal life? How much are you willing to put on social media just to be noticed?
I ask these questions because sometimes social media can become reality without people realizing it.



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